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Enterprise Risk and Reward Solutions

Macro has architected successful solutions minimizing risk and maximizing reward for 40 years.

We help you develop strategies to generate value by aligning new technologies with business.

software for the energy sector


We provide strategic planning and related implementation services to help energy enterprises define goals, manage risks, meet financial expectations, manage regulatory challenges, and achieve competitive advantage and market leadership. Being located in Houston, Texas we have worked with most major oil companies in every business area. From wellhead to burner tip including extensive experience in Energy Trading systems.

healthcare IT


Our understanding of the complexity of today's information technology and how it relates to the healthcare industry positions us to assist clients in various IT resource needs including HIPAA compliance support. The implementation of new systems is bringing new challenges and the need for talent to assist overloaded IT staffs has never been higher.

technology for fewer defects


Manufacturing is a never ending journey of process improvement. From the Six Sigma world of measuring to manage and the ongoing challenge of logistics, it seems there is always one more thing to improve. We can help design and implement solutions that leverage your existing ERP systems and processes. Prototyping solutions before full scale implementations is common.

solutions for service industry


Having been in the Services business ourselves and helping other Engineering and Consulting firms with their internal backoffice and project tracking needs we know the issues that arise. Something as simple as a saleperson commission plan can become a nightmare of a spreadsheet in many cases. Let us clean up that spreadsheet and maybe provide a few shortcuts for your business.

Whatever you do...

Information technology has never been more powerful or as complicated as it is right now. Macro consultants have worked not only across technology platforms and languages but more importantly across industries. We understand business.

project management

Project Management

Running a project staffed with creative talent is more than just knowing how to do a Gantt chart. Making a team out of people from old timers to temporary contractors requires people skills. Making the project successful is defined not only by the deadline and budget but also by the journey. No project is ever fully defined and managing a good team that can adapt to unforseen events is the crucial difference.

risk management

Risk Management

Risk is a word that means so many things and at Macro we believe it is always paired with the word Reward. Focusing on just Risk dooms the task to being an overhead cost that businesses try to minimize. Making those risk aversion processes be part of the profit maximization processes gets the entire organization on board. We can help you understand potential business risks, determine your acceptable levels of exposure, implement controls, and implement ongoing measurement and monitoring of the risk environment.

custom software developmet

Custom Solutions

A Custom Solution is something you do as a last resort. After all, buying a word processor is a better decision than writing your own. So, when you get to where you need something developed for your specific needs the ability to know your vendor can be trusted and deliver is paramount. Macro has been doing custom solutions for the entire life of the business. We have worked in just about every environment you can think of. Understanding not just the technology but the business application is what makes the final product better.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Contrary to what software vendors may say, Business Intelligence is a process not a product. Your data is not always in a convienient single location and it is not always accurate. Delivery of enough data that is accurate enough to make timely business decisions is the first priority. It will almost always require a variety of analytic tools and delivery mechanisms to get to all the right people at the right time. Navigating the possibilities of delivering that data in the right format on the right device is where we can help.

video surveillance

Video Surveillance

As systems change video is becoming easier to capture and capable of being a source of data. However, the handling of video surveillance data by outside consultants requires a license in most states. In Texas it is a criminal offense not only for the seller but also the purchaser of the video surveillance services if the seller is not licensed. Macro is licensed as a Security Contractor in Texas.