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One dictionary has 37 definitions for the word "Service"
(24 of those were nouns)
So what are Services anyway?

We believe Service to be whatever helps our Client achieve their goals. Our committment to quality and integrity guides us in recommending and providing the best value for our Clients. Below are a few of the skillsets we provide.

Business Process Modeling

BPM or Business Process Modeling is the description on how work is done or better yet, how you want it to get done. This is an important step in an automation goal as it is the documentation that gets the stakeholders on board with any new project. It is also uselful to identify where the inefficiencies in existing processes exist.

RiSK Consulting

Risk is usually understood as Financial or Physical. We have extensive experience in both. Understand potential business risks, determine your acceptable levels of exposure, implement controls, and implement ongoing measurement and monitoring of the risk environment.

Custom Software

MACRO Enterprises works with the latest technologies and its proven "Discover... Design... Develop... Deliver" methodology to produce innovative solutions that provide measurable value and lasting change.

Business Intelligence

Whether your company needs reporting and analysis from an ERP system or trend identification from your customer transaction warehouse, MACRO can put together the Business Intelligence solution


SharePoint gets rid of those crazy multiple inbox copies of spreadsheets and powerpoints that everyone is discussing and keeps the one authoritative copy with versioning. Simple, awesome and gets the job done. These are quick solutions.


These excellent Open Source Content Management systems provide flexible robust platforms for your company to manage your presence on the web and stay in touch with your customers.

Video Analytics

Video Surveillance is data. Alert for left bags or count foot traffic. Macro is licensed as a Security Contractor in Texas, which allows us to consult/install physical systems. Our license number is B17726. Check out the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau's web site:http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/rsd/psb/


Dashboards use to be the tool of the top executive office. Technology has now made real time graphical display of information an everyday feature that is easy to implement in many ways. Macro will help assemble your dashboard to provide the critical information and alerts your company needs to succeed.